One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my Rex. He became sick in November of 2019 and he went downhill fairly quickly. He died of Kidney disease. We did just about everything we could do for him, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. He had a big personality so his passing left a huge hole. In October of 2019 we got him a sibling. A little sister. Her name is Roxy. Roxy cautiously figured out how to get along with his strong personality. Eventually they would play together. Unfortunately that didn’t last very long before he got sick. She remembers playing and I am sure wishes for a playmate. Something I think we will work on in 2021.

On this 1 year anniversary I went back to what helps me work thru things – scrapbooking. The pictures below were created using templates Furry Friends by Miss Fish Templates. Rex’s page was made using the kit Rainbow Bridge by LJS Designs and Roxy’s page was made using Happiness Captured by Blagovesta Gosheva.