February Ideas and Deals

February brings a new month in the Pampered Chef Consulting business. My goal is to host 2 parties so I can try to make my 90-day incentives. The hosting special for February is great and it is one of the few ways you can purchase the stoneware these days. They have been hard to keep in stock, so the only way to get any is to host a party. The parties are all hosted virtually these days, online in Facebook Groups. I do most of the work, you just invite your friends and interact with them almost like you were at a party. We can also do a “real” party in Facebook messenger rooms if that is something the host wants. I can demonstrate/show some of the products that I have and are my favorites. My new favorite is the cooking blender. I recently made a pasta sauce as well as smoothies in it. My next adventure is sweet potato soup and a pecan nut butter. So if the offer above doesn’t grab you, you can purchase the blender at a discount using your rewards based on your party sales.

I have been a Pampered Chef fan for over 25 years and love all their products. I started doing this so I could have an in when new merchandise is released. Did you know that as an active consultant, you can purchase one of each new item (they release them in the spring and fall) for 50% off. This is so you can try them out and use them for demonstrations. I am very excited about the items available March 1st. I will write more about them later this month!

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